About Pelmor

Pelmor® Laboratories began its corporate life in 1956 as a laboratory for the testing and development of rubber compounds. Since then, we have evolved into a full service, vertically integrated, custom manufacturer of natural and synthetic rubber products.

Today, our operations include:

  • Rubber compound recipe development for internal use and for outside companies
  • Testing of customer-owned rubber formulations, using ASTM methods, to commercial, customer, and military specifications.
  • Engineering of rubber products, components, dies, and molds
  • Custom mixing of rubber compounds to stringent specifications
  • Custom molding of all-rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded parts
  • Custom extrusion of complex rubber profiles and shapes
  • Deflashing of parts cryogenically in liquid Nitrogen at temperatures to -300°F

Pelmor Rubber Compounds

In pursuit of high quality products that meet or exceed every industry standard, Pelmor® maintains a full complement of modern facilities, instruments, and equipment for process control and quality assurance testing.

Our products are employed in a wide variety of industries, both as essential components used by OEMs and as secondary parts in many manufacturing operations. Among the many segments of American industry that we serve are:

  • Aerospace / aircraft / airlines
  • Electronic /electrical /connectors / switches
  • Business machines / computers
  • Chemical plants and oil refineries
  • Fasteners
  • Gas and electric utilities, including solar
  • Gaskets / seals /o-rings
  • Meters / regulators / instruments
  • Valves / pumps / bearings
  • Rail / truck transportation
  • ….….and many others

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs……develop and test your formulations……make recommendations……translate your product ideas into practical product specifications……develop and refine prototypes……and manufacture for you the cost effective, high quality, tight tolerance rubber parts for which Pelmor® Laboratories is known.