Made With Genuine Viton®

When you buy a mixed compound, or an extruded or a molded part from Pelmor® that is made from the DuPont Performance Elastomers Viton® fluoroelastomer polymer, you can be certain that the product you buy from Pelmor® contains only 100% pure Viton fluoroelastomer as the sole elastomeric polymer in the compound formulation.

Suppliers of fluoroelastomer compounds can adjust the formulation and alter the properties and performance of the finished compound to meet target price parameters. Some suppliers offer compounds made from reclaimed fluoroelastomers and other non-fluorinated polymers, and pass them off as pure material. In truth, they are inferior to 100% virgin fluoroelastomers in chemical resistance and temperature tolerance. Pelmor® manufactures fluoroelastomer compounds made only from pure virgin material.

Viton Seal

DuPont Performance Elastomers is the only manufacturer of Viton fluoroelastomer. As a licensee, Pelmor® has signed a formal legal agreement with DuPont Performance Elastomers that requires us to use only 100% virgin Viton in any compound that we label with the official Viton mark. Only a select group of manufacturers and distributors participate in this Genuine Viton Program. If you're not sure about your supplier, call DuPont Performance Elastomers at 1-800-853-5515 Prompt #3 to find out if they're certified.

Don't take a chance that the product you are buying is made from something other than 100% pure genuine Viton. Buy from Pelmor® and you'll never have to worry about that. We are a certified DuPont Performance Elastomers manufacturer of parts and compounds made from this elastomer and proudly display our Certificate of Authenticity on every package of Viton parts or product that we ship.