MIL SPEC and ASTM Compounds

An important segment of this unique library is a group of compounds that meet and have passed various military specifications and ASTM specifications. We have an active program of developing, testing, and adding new formulations to our existing list. If you need a Military or an ASTM specification for your application and you don't see it here, give us a call at (800-772-6969.

The list of current Military and ASTM specifications that we meet are as follows:


MIL-G-22050D, Grade 2


MIL-R-6855E, Grade 40, Type B, Class 2

MIL-R-6855E, Grade 60, Class 1

MIL-R-6855E, Grade 60, Class 2, Type 1

MIL-R-6855E, Grade 80, Type A, Class 2

MIL-R-25988, Grade 60, Type 2, Class 1

MIL-R-25988B, Grade 50, Type 2, Class 2

MIL-R-83248, Type 2, Class 1

AMS 3220

AMS 3222

AMS 3325D

ZZ-R-765B, Grade 60, Class 3A

ASTM D2000 M2 BC314 A14 B14 EO14

ASTM D2000 M2 BC614 A14 B14 C12 EO14

ASTM D2000 M2 BC614 A14 B14 C12 EO14 EO34 F17

ASTM D2000 M4 BG610 A14 B14 E014

ASTM D2000 M5 BC707 A14 B14 C12 EO34 F17 Z1