Custom Mixing

  • Small batches are our specialty
  • Consistent quality throughout the entire batch
  • We will custom mix your formulation for you
  • Fluoroelastomer mixing is our specialty

Since our founding in 1956, Pelmor® has mixed all of the common as well as the advanced elastomers for our own customers, as well as for those companies who out-source this operation. Carbon Black and other chemical, health, and safety concerns associated with the mixing process are issues that a company doesn't have to deal with when Pelmor® mixes their materials. When we custom mix your rubber formulations, you avoid the outlays for the purchase, operation, and maintenance of expensive compounding equipment and raw materials. Further, we assume the responsibility for complying with all applicable governmental regulations.

Over the years, Pelmor® has developed great skill in mixing fluoroelastomers to exact specifications. We have also acquired exceptional proficiency and cost efficiency in the custom mixing of small batches of rubber, whether it be for test batches, prototypes, or short production runs.

Custom Mixing 1
Custom Mixing 2

For maximum flexibility, we maintain 12" and 24" roll mills for the production of small batches. Larger production runs are made on our 19 liter internal mixer, or the 40" or 60" roll mills.

Quality is a fundamental component of our daily mixing regimen. We meet or exceed any commercial, military, or customer specification that is demanded of us. We accomplish this by meticulous attention to detail. To ensure thorough dispersion, uniformity, and superior quality throughout the entire mixing process, we maintain a full range of state-of-the-art measuring and monitoring instruments. Our lab technicians scrutinize raw materials and finished products for inherent properties and cure rates, while plant workers visually monitor and physically intercede to ensure proper dispersion during the mixing process. Color matching is also available for many formulations